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Legends of Tyrium: Kalalii's First Encounter With 'Drago': Chapt 10; Part 3

As the night carried on, Kalalii followed Svyyn across the fields to the edge of Sondast. Once they reached the wall a noticeable dark area appeared where a weak spot had collapsed which caused an opening to the other side of the city. They paused at the hole and waited.

"He should have been here already," Svyyn mumbled, looking around anxiously.

"Who is he?" Kalalii asked.

"What does it matter?"

"You don't know his name?"

"Who has the time to remember names?"

"Svyyn, I thought you said he was a friend." Kalalii said nervously.

"Well, it determines what your definition of friend is. Besides, we've come this far already, no point in turning back now. Unless you're scared," She taunted.

"I'm not scared. I'm just not comfortable taking the word of a stranger and being guided outside the walls of Sondast."

"Whatever. The point is, if he really found something extraordinary, don't you think you'd want to be the first one to see it with your own eyes?"

Kalalii remained silent. She didn't want to appear cowardly in front of Svyyn, but at the same time a wary feeling washed over her. Right on cue they heard the sounds of pebbles falling and immediately turned their attention to the shadows of the wall. 

Out of the darkness appeared a not much older looking hybrid. Though, Kalalii found suspicious is that his face was partially hidden and that he was lurking about without making his presence known sooner.

"It's about time you showed up!" Svyyn snapped at him.

"Who are you?" Kalalii asked.

"Forgive my ambivalence about wanting to give out my name, Narkanai. This is a treacherous act by taking you beyond these city walls."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Let's move on with it." Svyyn interrupted impatiently.

"Wait," Kalalii stalled, "first, I want to know what it is that you're taking us to see that is so spectacular."

"An ancient artifact of old," the stranger spoke in a mysterious tone, "in an old cave just beyond these walls. Though, I was not able to reach it alone."

"If you weren't able to reach it, then why bring Svynn and myself along?"

"That is the question, isn't it? Because I believe that it requires royalty to obtain what once was lost. You, Narkanai, are the key to unlocking the treasures hidden there."

"What would I need with treasure?"

"Do you not wish to take back the treasures once owned by your ancestors? It very well could tell us more of the history of your people and give us a better insight of the past. If not for riches, why not for truth? Does it not strike you odd that the legends told seem to be missing some vital details? Why not find out what the artifacts have to say? Let us hear the story of our ancestors. The truth, Narkanai."

Kalalii was stunned into silence. The strange character spoke in such a persuasive manner. Though, as he mentioned it, what does she truly know and understand about the most important historical facts of her people? She's always just accepted everything that the elders have told her. What if she were to discover true evidence of history? Would it make much difference? Or will it make a large impact on what they know now...or rather think they know? 

She just nodded her head in compliance. 

"Finally!" Svyyn said exasperated, "Can we go now?"

"Lead the way," Kalalii faltered, not knowing what to call him.

"You can refer to me as 'Drago' for the time being." He said.

"Yes, of course, Drago. Please, lead on." She motioned for him to go forward.

He climbed through the rubble first, followed by Svyyn, then herself. She glanced back one more time at Sondast before ducking her head through to the other side.

To be continued...  

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Legends of Tyrium: Ixel's Hellish Nightmare: Chpt 9; Part 3

The three of them stared at Calalalith in disbelief. Ixel shivered, frozen and speechless. Cal had looked grim. Only moments after delivering the news he had blacked out in Jh'tarulash's arms. 

"Quick, put him on my waroth. I'll seek for help." Haraia took charge.

She assisted Jh'tarulash and carried Cal to her waroth and secured his unconscious body safely in place before taking the reigns. Jh'tarulash placed one of the torches into a holder on her waroth to give her light. 

"He's losing too much blood. I must make haste." She looked at Ixel who hadn't moved or said a word. "Take care of her, Jh'tarulash. Protect the Narkanai with your life."

He just nodded and gulped loudly. She clicked her tongue and kicked her heels and her waroth shot forward. Within moments, she was out of sight, leaving Jh'tarulash and Ixel behind. He turned to Ixel with uncertainty.

"Narkanai?" He hesitated, "Shall we prepare to return to the city? I fear this journey may no longer be safe."

Ixel continued to look at the dark stain in the sand. Her thoughts drowned out by fear, her body shook violently. The pounding of blood pumping in her ears tuned out all other sounds. She was momentarily paralyzed. 

"What..." she whispered, her teeth chattered, "what kind of..."

"Ixel?" Jh'tarulash could barely make out what she had said.

Concerned for her well being he insisted they move on and leave the site. Again, she ignored him. The remaining waroths shimmied nervously. The grunting waroths finally woke Ixel from her daze. She looked to see them dance restlessly in place, their antennae twitched wildly.  


The expression on his face had paled and his eyes widened. She slowly turned her head to see a massive creature making its way out of the darkness and into their camping site. This fiend was grotesque with three long legs, lumpy body, pointed teeth and long tongue that whipped around tasting everything it touched. It lacked eyes for sight, and ears for sound. It made a gurgling growl as it's tongue sapped up the blood left behind by Cal. For the first time, Ixel realized what true terror was like. A second fiend stumbled into the torch light. The waroths made a horrifying sound that shook Ixel to the bone. They bolted, Jh'tarulash shouting after them. 

The fiends finished lapping up the blood trail and gurgled as they bumped into each other. Jh'tarulash picked up a torch and shielded Ixel, his blade held high at the towering creatures. One of the monsters raised its body as it sensed their presence. Jh'tarulash lashed out at the legs of one then jumped back just in time to avoid getting knocked down. It had gone into a rage which sent the second one into a frenzy. Very thin tentacles covered in some sort of mucous oozed out from various places on their bodies. The tentacles whipped about dangerously as they wandered over towards Ixel and Jh'tarulash.

 "Run!" He shouted as he sheathed his sword and gripped her arm, pulling her along.

It was obvious that the creatures had picked up on their scent and were not going to be easy to lose. At the moment, all they could do was run. Her senses finally came back to her making her more aware of her surroundings. Jh'tarulash led her deeper into the desert forest without a thought of where they were actually running. Just a little ways away Ixel spotted a pile of rocks.

"There!" She shouted and pointed.

He changed his course and nearly dragged Ixel along. As they got closer it became clear it wasn't normal rocks, but ruins of an old watch tower. They climbed across the rubble and halted at the top. On the other side was a view that reached out over a large sandy valley full of the same things they were running from wandering around aimlessly. The one nearest the rubble had extended its mucous covered tentacles and waved it about as if it could smell or taste their scent on the night air; which caused a chain reaction to others nearby. Jh'tarulash and Ixel realized they had just stumbled upon the nesting grounds.

To be continued...

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Please don't hate me for my negligence towards Legends of Tyrium. However, I have some really fun news to share with you. I have a couple of really cool people helping me come up with an original music piece to coincide with a scene in my novel. I can't wait for the finished version of it! Once that music is completed, I will make a video with it to promote my novel. Even though it isn't quite completed. I received a sample part of the song from my friend last night and I am so very excited at how it's turning out! I hope to share with you guys the finished song. So stick around a little while longer and I'll have it out to you once it's completed. Ciao!

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Hello, Friends!

I have been on a roll with my novel today. Plus, kept busy with my foreign language studies. I'm working on getting my novel completed as soon as possible. It has been going through quite some changes. Don't worry, the story is still pretty much the same. I am quite eager to get it finished. I'll have a lot more work to do after the story is down. Getting it edited, critiqued, and querying it out to publishing companies will take a lot of my time also. As for now, the story must go on!!!! I will make another post for "Legends of Tyrium" as soon as I can. I promise. Perhaps, I just need to prioritize my schedule a little better. Thanks everyone for your support and for believing in me! The encouragement is great! Hope to see you all again soon.

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Legends of Tyrium: Ixel's Dangerous Journey: Chapt. 8; Part 2

Days and nights have come and gone. Ixel was beginning to tire of the journey, yet she endured with determination. There was no turning back now. She came this far, and will finish what was started. Her waroth groaned, nervously side stepping before halting. She kicked it a few times with her heels and clicked her tongue to urge it forward. The waroth stubbornly refused her efforts to get it to continue any further.

"Move you stupid beast!" Ixel shouted, frustrated she threw her hands up, "Fine! We'll camp here tonight."

"Where exactly are we?" Jh'tarulash asked.

Ixel carefully examined her surroundings. The day had retired and it was now within the darkest hour of the night. The flames from the torches they carried with them cast a shadow upon the area around them. The dead trees' looked grotesque in the dim lighting, their limbs reaching out like claws and the trunks distorted into expressions of agony and terror.

"It doesn't matter, we will continue on our way come daylight." Ixel said hopping off of her waroth.

"This place is a bit creepy," Haraia mumbled.

The twins just glanced at each other without a word. The yellow sand kicked up beneath Ixel's feet as she breathlessly wandered over to an opening. The others followed and worked together to put up a covering to protect them from the night air. Temperatures were dangerously low, and the sky was dark. 

"Val and Cal, go fetch some bark for the fire pit." Haraia ordered.

"Why do we have to go fetch it?" Cal started.

"Why don't you send Jh'tarulash?" Val added.

"Just go and do it," Ixel snapped, wary and not in the mood for their bickering. 

"Fine," Val and Cal said simultaneously before wondering off into the dark together.
"Is my mat ready?" Ixel asked.

"Yes, Narkanai," Jh'tarulash replied as he had just finished putting down her last cushion.

"Good," she sighed as she plopped herself down, "I'm exhausted."

Haraia took her place next to Ixel when they heard it. Screams echoed back to their camp from the direction of the twins.

"That was Valulalith and Calalalith!" Haraia gasped.

Jh'tarulash jumped to his feet, nearly stumbling towards his waroth grabbing unsuccessfully for the weapons spilling them out across the sand. Ixel backed away from the opening of the shelter, squeezing a pillow to her chest. Seconds...minutes passed in silence with all three of them anticipating whatever comes next. Footsteps were heard trudging through the powdery sand towards them. Jh'tarulash gripped his sword anxiously, Haraia standing just a few paces behind him holding up the torch to give off light. CRACK! The crunching of twigs set Jh'tarulash on edge, his hands beginning to shake. Out from the darkness Calalalith emerged into the light falling to his hands and knees. His body was bloodied in some places, open wounds could be seen on his arms and hands. He even suffered a long cut across his face. Jh'tarulash dropped down beside him and wrapped an arm around him.

"Cal! What happened to you?"

"Where is Valulalith?" Haraia was the first to take notice of his absence.

"It grabbed him first," Cal choked on a sob, "I tried to save him....then it came after me....I got away, but Val...he-he's dead!"

To be continued...  

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A Little Disappearing Act

Hello to all of my friends. Just a little notice, I will be flying out of state soon to visit family elsewhere. I'll only be gone for about two weeks. If all works out, and I have access to the internet, I may be able to keep the story alive for "Legends of Tyrium." We can only hope. However, there may be a chance you won't hear from me for those two weeks. Wish me luck and hope to see you again soon!

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Legends of Tyrium: Shojak and the Escaped Narkanai: Chapt. 7; Part 1

The evening was warm and the air full of moisture. Shojak patiently stood in the long corridor of the palace. Narkanai Kalalii had ordered him to wait outside of her door and turn away anyone who sought her presence. Of course, he did as he was told. It was his job as an itsalii to protect her from harm and to be sure he met all of her needs. It was quiet as he stood alone in the hallway. He only nodded to a few servants and soldiers that simultaneously passed. The night wore on and many of the residence of Sondast and the staff of the palace would be retiring to their sleeping quarters soon. The silence became to be too painful for him to bear. Two night guards, Lyyel and Exonaeth, arrived to relieve Shojak for the remainder of the night.
"Rest well tonight, Sir Shojak," Lyyel wished him.
"Thank you, Lyyel... Exonaeth," Shojak nodded to each of them.
Exonaeth bowed his head without a word and took to his post. Shojak decided that he would check upon the Narkanai before taking his night to his resting area that was connected to her room. As he entered the room and called out for Kalalii he found that she was no longer there. His heartbeat began to race as he searched her room and noted that the doors to the terrace were left ajar. Without wasting time to call out to Lyyel and Exonaeth, he bolted out of the room in search for the missing Narkanai.

As he ran through the palace gardens he exhausted all of the possible places to look for her first. As if on queue, he recalled the brief exchanging of words between Kalalii and Svyyn right after their history lessons. During that time he wasn't close enough to hear what was said but he managed to catch the very last word, 'tree'. It wasn't hard to figure out what tree she was talking about as the ancient tree was quite popular in Sondast. He changed directions and headed for the ancient tree. His feeling was that Kalalii snuck out to rendezvous with Svyyn there for some secret meeting. At least, he hoped he was right. In any case, that would be the best place to start looking. Shojak quickened his pace so that he would appear to be a blur to anyone who would see him. 
As he neared the designated location he noticed two figures glowing near the base of the tree. He instantly recognized Kalalii. He slowed his pace, quietly and swiftly hiding in the shadows. Shojak made sure to get within ear range of their conversation.
"Are you sure you're up for it?" Svyyn asked.
"How did you find it? We're not supposed to leave the walls of Sondast," Kalalii said with concern and disbelief.
"Where is your sense of adventure, cousin?" Svyyn sighed, "Honestly, don't you feel like you need to have some self deserved freedom? Aren't you at least a little bit curious?"
"What if you're wrong and we get caught?" Kalalii asked.
"Look, if you're too scared to take a walk outside of the city walls for just a short while and be back before the suns' rise then just say so," Svyyn started to walk away.
"No, wait," Kalalii said after a short pause, "I-I want to go."
"I knew you would come to your senses," Svyyn smirked, "my friend is waiting for us."
"I thought it was just between us. "
"Well, how else are we going to get there without a guide? Besides, we don't know the way...but he does."
"I see," Kalalii said nervously. "Okay, let's go." 
Shojak didn't like what had just transpired, but he decided to follow them in secret. If he exposed himself now and foiled their plans she would only find a way to sneak out again. She may be more careful to evade him next time. If she was planning on escaping beyond the walls of Sondast, she will need protection. He will watch over her in secret for now.
"What are you thinking, Narkanai?" He whispered to himself.

To be continued... 

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Legends of Tyrium: Ajak's Mission: Chpt. 6; Part 1

In the desert of Bitomal the temperature was dangerously cold as a double lunar eclipse took place upon the two moons. Nark Ajak immediately gathered his curved sword that was gifted to him when he completed his warrior training by his father, the Shinjara of Bitomal. He wore a set of unique armor to distinguish his high ranking status as a nark and commander of his own squadron of soldiers. They had prepared to set out after his sister, Ixel, and her friends. Ajak always thought of Ixel as bothersome and immature. She was always looking to cause trouble and since she was a narkanai not one citizen dared to speak against her. Thus giving her the sense that she could get away with anything without paying the consequences. Ajak, being a leading commander of Bitomal's guards, had a job to enforce the laws of the Shinjara; which is partly why he was always following behind Ixel cleaning up her messes. He also carried a great responsibility for the city's protection from intrusions and outsider attacks. He worked hard to earn this position as to make his father proud of his accomplishments and to prove that he was not a useless son. 

He assigned a few of his loyal subjects to assist him in the retrieval of the runaways leaving the commanding position of the guards temporarily to his right hand man, Gatorm. Just outside the city gates, Ajak and his men wrapped themselves up with a special cloth that protected them from the chilling air. As he mounted his waroth, Gatorm filled him in on a bit of information.

"Commander, the Narkanai and the other fledglings took the low road to the west. They were last spotted entering the Dead Lands before disappearing from our sight. It is a less traveled road because of the possible threats of the varmints that lurk in that part of the domain. So be prepared for attacks of any kind."  

"Thank you, Gatorm," Ajak spoke authoritatively, "we will handle the rest from here."

Gatorm pounded his chest with his fist and gave a sharp bow before backing up a few paces. He wished Ajak a safe journey and reiterated a common Jorkoe phrase, "May strength and power be with you." With a series of clicking sounds from his tongue and a tug on the reigns his waroth shot forward in a rapid dash. He could hear the pounding steps of soldiers following suit behind him on their own mounts. The tugging sensation in Ajak's gut instinctively warned him that his journey may not go as smoothly as he hoped.

To be continued... 

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Apologies For My Disappearance

Please forgive me as I have been busy these past few months. I have disappeared without a word to you guys/gals. My deepest apologies. I have been dealing with moving to a new home. Good news is that I'm finally in my new home and am working on getting settled. I will also be gone on July 16th through to August 1st as I will be making a trip out of state for family business. Once my chaotic life calms down a bit and things get back in order I should be able to pick up where I have left off with this blog. For now, everything is on hold. Once I can get back to normalcy we can get serious again with the many stories I have planned for you. Take care and hope to see you all soon. Ciao!

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Legends of Tyrium: The Caith Chpt 5; Part 1

The suns were setting, the temperature gradually cooling off in this desert wasteland the Jorkoes called home. Laenesh prepared her tools neatly into her leather pack. She also made sure to secure hidden weapons throughout her armor in case of emergencies. After making sure she had everything, she crawled out of the hole in the mountain side that she had lived in for years. She made her home on the outside of the hollowed mountain that held the city of Bitomal. She kept a secret passageway into the city as to not have her existence acknowledged. As far as anyone knew, she did not exist, she was no one. Only the Shinjara and Shuenja knew of her along with their itsaliis.   

Laenesh was specially trained in stealth and tracking since she was a young hybrid. Of course, she never knew her parents as she was orphaned at an early age. Instead, the secret organization, Aedaisuru, found her and raised her to be a tool. . . a trained killer. This is the life of Laenesh. This is all she knew. 

From the ledge of her cave she could already see the evidence left by Ixel and her friends. They wouldn't be hard to find as they had taken a straightforward path to the West. From the looks of the prints left in the sand they're traveling by waroth.  Laenesh quickly saddled her aeicko named Ailo. Ailo is a slender, black creature with two large ears and two small; leathery wings with three sharp fingers sprouting from each wing, strong hind legs and sharp claws, a split tail, and a body covered with needle-like fur.  She and Ailo would travel by air. As soon as the remaining light from the suns were completely gone they will make their move. Hidden by the night's darkness, flight was the quickest way to travel unnoticed. This was a mission she would not fail. 

"Are you ready, Ailo?" she whispered to her pet, "It is time." 

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A Follow Up Post

No need to fret. I haven't completely abandoned you. I just seem to have found that life can get in the way some times. Especially when one must juggle a full time job, a novel, and a blog. Not the easiest thing to find time for. Oh well, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday.

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A Post In Time

I wish to apologize to everyone for my lack of posting. As well as my horrible writing. I tend to get a bit messy when rushing through a story, and not carefully checking over my work. I have been quite busy. Needless to say, I've hit another road block in my novel in progress. It's strange how one may have a story planned out and then driven in a completely new direction as the story unfolds. In my current experiences of writing, it has come to my attention that you don't control how the story goes, the story takes you down its own path. You simply carry on the task of getting it written. The story guides you. So there you have it; a post to let you know I have not abandoned you. Time has not been very kind on my side. Farewell, for now.   

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Legends of Tyrium: Chpt 4: Etzende's Hatred: Part 1

Shuenja Etzende gazed out over the city of Bitomal from her private balcony. The flames burned bright and constantly to give them light in the darkness that they were forced to live in. Hatred towards the Farrians burned deep within her. She yearns for the day that she gets to see their city burn down into nothing but ash. This is her desire. Only...what reason could she give her husband to make the act against the Farrians? He hated them, too. Yet he keeps his promise to keep the peace between the two clans and for what purpose? Eztende snaps her head at the sound of shuffling feet into her quarters. A servant enters the room his head down avoiding eye contact waiting for permission to speak.   
"What is it?" Etzende growls.
"Your son, Nark Ajak, wishes to speak with you. He says it is of dire importance." The servant whimpers.
"He may enter." She shoos the servant.
Her son, Ajak, entered shortly after the servant left and bowed his head and pounds his chest with his fists. After straightening his posture, he looked at Etzende for permission to continue.
"You may speak." She said.
"I have news about my sister, Ixel. She has left the city walls with her friends. Last she was seen was heading west." He waits for her response.
It was only a night ago that Ixel got permission from her to go camping near the far wall of the mountain.  Not once had she mentioned of traveling outside of the walls. 
"So she deceived me." Etzende's eyes narrow, "Ajak, I want you to follow her and uncover her plans."
"Yes, my Shuenja," he bows again and leaves.
"Shaeba!" She shouts for her itsalii.
Shaeba enters and bows to her, "Yes, my Shuenja?"
"I want you to retrieve our most skilled caith and bring her back to me."
Shaeba bowed once more and left the room without another word. If Etzende's suspicions were right, and Ixel is headed into Farrian territory she could use this to her advantage. All that was left is to stage an accident and it will break the truce between the two clans. Which means Etzende's revenge is within her grasp.
The caith appears into the room, "My Shuenja summoned me?"
"I have a task for you, caith. First, what is it they call you?"
"Laenesh, my Shuenja." 
To be continued...  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Legends of Tyrium Glossary

Shinjara - a king, or emperor

Shuenja - a queen, or empress

Nark - a prince

Narkanai - a princess

 Itsalii - a personal body guard, a guardian

Fire Liths - a reptilian, vulture-like creature that breathes fire

Warothsan insectoid creature used by the Jorkoes as a quick form of transportation. Small heads, wide flat-like bodies, 6 long legs, knees point outwards, long flat tail that ends in a point, and feet with thumbs that can grip and climb efficiently.

Caiths - are trained assassins

Lamrian/Jolek Clansresembles a unity of members who symbolize nobility, courage, heroism, etc... It brings great honor and recognition to become a member of the clan.   Kind of like the knights in Camelot.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Legends of Tyrium: Chpt 3: Kalalii's Decision: Part 2

The two moons lit up the night sky with a bright blue glow. The city of Sondast gave off a soft glow and sparkled with many different colored lights. It was a late evening as Kalalii was finishing up her training with her tutor, Ellerin. They spent this final lesson together out on the terrace in the royal garden. Shojak stood at attention from a good 100 paces away from Kalalii staying alert but keeping his eyes on her without blinking. 

"Narkinai!" Ellerin snapped, "Focus!"

Kalalii was in no mood for any more lessons tonight. She had much on her mind to be worrying about the proper etiquette of royalty behaviors. Being a narkinai was unbelievably dull. Never capable of traveling any where far from the palace, never allowed to be alone and have privacy. Always told what a narkinai should and should not do, always criticized for doing anything wrong, always having to worry about appearances and living up to her parent's reputations. She felt trapped as if she were suffocating living this way. Kalalii had the strongest urge to be free for once. She would do anything to feel freedom for just one day, she thought.

"Narkinai Kalalii!" Ellerin said exasperated, "You are impossible!"

"Forgive me, Ellerin. I do not feel myself this evening." Kalalii apologized. 

"Okay, let us start from the beginning," She sighed and motioned Kalalii to continue.

 Tonight was Kalalii's last chance to perfect her speech to her people by tomorrow night's celebration. She started her speech off by greeting her fellow Farrians and thanking them for joining her in festivities for the evening. Then she began to recite the rest of the speech.

"As we have come together this evening to honor my day of creation I wish to remind you that we should also remember the day of our forefather, Rhaokunkos, who died on this very day. If today shall be a day of celebration in my name then let it also be a remembrance of the day the Lamrian Clan was created and our beautiful city came to be known as Sondast. Let Rhaokunkos'  vital spark always guide us through darkness and wash away all fear. May the light be with you my fellow Farrians."

Ellerin crossed her arms across her chest, her hands straight and stiff reaching the tips of her shoulders, and then bowed her head to Kalalii. A common symbol of the Farrian's as they do this as a form of greeting, thanks, apology and just to show complete respect.

"Your speech is well done, Narkinai," Ellerin began, "however, you must not sound so bored when you give this speech. Be sure to keep your chin up, your spine straight, your shoulders back and show some pride. Speak loudly, do not yell it, but project your voice to be heard. You have a great mind, Narkinai Kalalii, but I'm afraid you have not yet found the power of the voice."

"Thank you, Ellerin," Kalalii bowed, "I will do my best to achieve this. You have been a great tutor and I appreciate your knowledge shared and patience with me." 

Ellerin looked very pleased and let out a sigh of relief, "I suppose this concludes our time together. Take great care, Kalalii. You will make a fine Shuenja someday."

They bowed to each other and said their farewells. Kalalii walked into her private quarters off from the terrace and collapsed onto her mound of cushions. Shojak just stood in the doorway without saying a word. He waited for an order from Kalalii. It was getting later and she knew that Svyyn would be waiting by the ancient tree for her. Knowing Svyyn, she was always up to no good, but what secret did she possess that would intrigue her? As much as she hated to admit it she was curious. She wanted to know. But she had to find a way to escape. Slipping away from Shojak will not be an easy task.

"Shojak, do you mind going into the corridor and turn anyone away who wishes to see me. I think I would like some time alone tonight."  

"Of course, Narkinai." Shojak marched across the room and closed the large door behind him leaving Kalalii alone in her bedroom. She listened for a few seconds then decided to quietly change her clothing. She slipped out of her soft green satin gown and went over to her wardrobe to which she had a secret compartment that held a pair of commoners travel clothing. She removed her jewelry and did her best to disguise herself as a normal citizen of Sondast. She worked as quietly as she could and snuck out through the terrace doors and made her way to the ancient tree trying to go unnoticed.

It didn't take her long to reach Svyyn. She was waiting patiently until she saw Kalalii. The corners of her lips rose into one of her famous grins that was far from being kind. As soon as they came face to face they took a few seconds of silence before Svyyn was first to speak.

"I was beginning to think you weren't going to show."  

To be continued... 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Legends of Tyrium: The Devious Ixel: Part 1: Chpt 2

Narkinai Ixel casually laid onto her rock bench surrounded by many pillows and soft skins of what once were desert creatures. She propped herself up on one elbow and twirled her golden curls on her finger as she stared out over the city of Bitomal. Bored, as usual, she slowly became annoyed as her royal companions of the court bragged about what mischief they managed to cause. Which, for Ixel, seemed unusal as she was normally the one leading her little raid of making trouble and pinning it on the next being just for pure enjoyment. Though this cruel sense of getting a thrill out of her day started to become wary on her. It just wasn't enough. 

"Ixel? You haven't said a single word this entire time." Jh'tarulash spoke up as he looked concerned.

"It is odd for Ixel to not say anything. Especially after that story of your recent endeavors, Jh'tarulash." Haraia added as she suddenly became aware of Ixel's silence.

"I'm fine. Carry on with your story." Ixel said as she waved a hand at them nonchalantly.

The twin brothers, Valulalith and Calalalith, gave each other a suspicious glance then whispered amongst themselves momentarily. As if on cue, they began to tell their recent event of a devious act while alternating between sentences as if they could read each others thoughts. Ixel dozed off yet again staring out over the city which was carved inside a very large mountain. If not for the fire posts staying lit all the time they would be plunged into darkness. Though for the holes dug throughout the cliff side to the outside supported plenty of light during the day time. She watched as the light from both suns slowly began to fade, darkening the colony inside the cliff.

"You should have seen..." Cal began.
"...the look on that old hag's face." Val finished.

"That will teach her to get in either of our way again," Haraia sneered.

"Calalalith, Valulalith, you both will do almost anything for a good time, correct?" Ixel interrupted as her mind began to spin.

"Perhaps." Cal said.
"It depends on what you mean by 'anything'." Val added.

"I was thinking," she began, "what if we decided to sneak out of the city and go on a little road trip?"

"That's a bit of a dangerous notion, Ixel," Jh'tarulash responded as his eyes widened.

"Jh'tarulash is right. What if our parents found out?" Cal replied.
"Who knows what kind of trouble we'd get in?" Val followed up with his thought.

"Where would this road trip take us?" Haraia's question shocked the others as they all turned heads to look at her.

Ixel considered her question as they both locked eyes with an intense stare. This would be the biggest scheme to pull off and the toughest, and she knew it. How they would do it and where would they go? That was her biggest concern. Suddenly, a dangerous idea flashed across her mind.

"I was thinking we give Sondast a little visit." 

Everyone had gone silent. Jh'tarulash tensed and stared at his massive red hands. The twins shifted uncomfortably with the thought of infiltrating the Farrian's city. Haraia just stared intently at Ixel, her mind also clicking about the possibilities. Cal and Val started to whisper to each other again as if arguing. Jh'tarulash fidgeted with his hands, locking his fingers together and then separating them. Haraia was the first to speak up.

"How do you suppose we do this?" 

"Well, first we need to figure out how we're going to get away without raising suspicion in my father. Then we will need disguises to hide our true identities. Decide what we need to take with us. Find a way into the city, wreak havoc and chaos, and be out and back here before our plan is uncovered."

"This will be the best prank ever pulled by any Jorkoe in all of Tyrium. We could be legends some day!" Haraia added excitedly as her mind worked.

"Haraia, you're good with finding and correcting any flaws in our plans. Come up with the best fail proof strategy. Val and Cal will find disguises for us in any way they can. I'm sure the dark marketeer will have something of the sort to offer. And since Jh'tarulash is an itsalii in training, I'm sure he can supply weapons and protection for us as well. I will supply the Waroths for travel." she instructed. 

Ixel was going to be made into a legend. She will be a hero of the Jorkoes. Perhaps an honorary member of the Jolek Clan members. Maybe in the process she can bring down the Farrians by weakening their defenses and opening them up for her father to finish them off. She will earn her father's love and favoritism then. She once again looked over her city and her devious mind began scheming. She wasn't just looking for a silly prank. She desired to start a war against the other beings her father so hated. It was time for Ixel to shine.   

To be continued...