Friday, January 25, 2013

Legends of Tyrium: The Caith Chpt 5; Part 1

The suns were setting, the temperature gradually cooling off in this desert wasteland the Jorkoes called home. Laenesh prepared her tools neatly into her leather pack. She also made sure to secure hidden weapons throughout her armor in case of emergencies. After making sure she had everything, she crawled out of the hole in the mountain side that she had lived in for years. She made her home on the outside of the hollowed mountain that held the city of Bitomal. She kept a secret passageway into the city as to not have her existence acknowledged. As far as anyone knew, she did not exist, she was no one. Only the Shinjara and Shuenja knew of her along with their itsaliis.   

Laenesh was specially trained in stealth and tracking since she was a young hybrid. Of course, she never knew her parents as she was orphaned at an early age. Instead, the secret organization, Aedaisuru, found her and raised her to be a tool. . . a trained killer. This is the life of Laenesh. This is all she knew. 

From the ledge of her cave she could already see the evidence left by Ixel and her friends. They wouldn't be hard to find as they had taken a straightforward path to the West. From the looks of the prints left in the sand they're traveling by waroth.  Laenesh quickly saddled her aeicko named Ailo. Ailo is a slender, black creature with two large ears and two small; leathery wings with three sharp fingers sprouting from each wing, strong hind legs and sharp claws, a split tail, and a body covered with needle-like fur.  She and Ailo would travel by air. As soon as the remaining light from the suns were completely gone they will make their move. Hidden by the night's darkness, flight was the quickest way to travel unnoticed. This was a mission she would not fail. 

"Are you ready, Ailo?" she whispered to her pet, "It is time." 


  1. oh the suspense! will she succeed? im left pondering

    1. Stay tuned and you will find out what path Laenesh's destiny has chosen for her. :)